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Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, we turn Mother Nature’s unique super-food into a product that’s stable, convenient and safe. We are proud to produce products that are the best in the industry with the health of your livestock, pets and family in mind.

We make products from bovine colostrum. That has been our sole focus since 1994 and it has resulted in our products being proven as industry leading colostrum replacers and supplements for production animals, health supplements for our companion animals, and natural health products for people.


Effective colostrum management practices include the timely feeding of adequate volumes of clean colostrum with a broad spectrum of protective antibodies. This goal can be achieved by the careful selection, pooling and heat treatment of maternal colostrum harvested on farm or by the use of a standardized commercial colostrum product that is licensed as a veterinary biologic.
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An often overlooked contribution of colostrum and good colostrum management practices is the role of colostrum in ensuring biosecurity and preventing disease transmission from dam and the environment to the newborn calf. Practices around parturition and newborn calf management presents the first and greatest disease transmission opportunity on a dairy operation.
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Since 1994 SCCL has been dedicated to providing all natural bovine colostrum products to our customers worldwide. Our success is driven by years of research by veterinary immunologists from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine who continue to lead a team of scientists creating the best colostrum products in the world.

SCCL is a privately held biosciences company specializing in developing and producing innovative colostrum products from healthy dairy cows approved to produce milk for human consumption. Scientists at SCCL have developed methods of accurately measuring some of the key immunological, metabolic, and nutritional components found in colostrum. Using these assays, in combination with a proprietary processing method that preserves the levels of key components, SCCL produces spray dried, refined colostrum products that contain specified levels of important ingredients. We are proud to introduce our new instant mix technology in our colostrum products; offering easy and complete mixing in seconds.

Our colostrum is tested for potency, purity, safety and efficacy to guarantee an end product that meets the highest quality control specifications for global distribution. Our facility and products are licensed by stringent regulatory agencies including the CFIA, USDA, SAGARPA, NASC, and others. Our facility is GMP certified by Health Canada and produces NHPD licensed products.

We offer our products in many countries including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Israel and the United Kingdom. We intend to increase our exporting capability and are open to developing relationships with parties interested in importing our products in a variety of formats. SCCL manufactures colostrum products for calves, lambs, kid goats, pets, and people.



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