Why Should I Feed Colostrum To My Pet?

Bovine colostrum is beneficial as a health supplement for cats and dogs of all ages. It promotes a healthy immune system, digestion and oral cavity in companion animals of all ages!


Quite simply, colostrum provides a range of natural growth and immune factors that achieve a healthy immune system at any age, promote healthy digestion, and support the health of the oral cavity. The factors found in colostrum work in synergy to optimize immune support, the health of the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, musculoskeletal system, and skin and hair coat health. Palatability studies have also shown that the majority of pets enjoy the flavor of colostrum. It tastes great!

For puppies and kittens, these complementary factors support normal tissue growth and development. Research has shown that as your pet ages, the body gradually produces less of the immune and growth factors that help them maintain and support health.

In aging and senior pets, colostrum helps to maintain normal body function and a state of health.  It also provides a form of additional energy.

For working and performance pets, colostrum delivers a source of key factors that work to support natural stamina, endurance and normal recovery.

Colostrum is the only natural source that provides this concentrated combination of health supporting molecules in one package.             

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