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I started using Eterna™ as an integral part of my training two years ago when I was preparing for my first Ironman™ Canada triathlon. As part of my research for the training and preparation for an ultra-endurance event like Ironman™, I had read that many athletes were using colostrum for immune support through the long hours of training for months on end. Staying healthy is paramount to athletic performance, so I started using Eterna™ on a daily basis to help me recover from workouts and avoid seasonal colds and flu. When I would feel run down, I would increase my daily dose for a few days. I managed to get through the winter and spring without my usual "annual week long cold"; which meant I was able to train to full capacity all season long.

A secondary benefit of using Eterna™ on a regular basis was the positive effect it had on my ability to continue to process fuel (electrolyte gels and fluids) during long workouts in the heat. The ultimate test was on race day in Penticton BC; the race took me over eleven hours to complete and it was 35O C. Many competitors suffered GI (gastro-intestinal) issues from the heat combined with long hours of physical activity, I was able to stick to my nutrition plan for the race without any GI issues all day long. The additional benefit of reduced gut fluid pooling allowed me to perform to my potential even in the stressful hot conditions.

Eterna™ continues to be a part of my daily routine while I am training and racing, but also in the off-season. The convenience of adding the powder to my morning smoothie makes it easy to get in a good dosage, while the chewables are convenient when I am travelling. The best part of using a locally sourced colostrum brand is the staff at Saskatoon Colostrum Company; they have been a great resource to answer all of my questions.

Reagan D. Wildeman

Reagan Wildeman is an avid Saskatoon-based age group triathlete who balances training for long distance triathlons with a busy career



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