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We at SCCL know that producers have many choices when it comes to a colostrum product. SCCL’s products have been proven as industry leading colostrum replacers and supplements and it’s all thanks to our customers for continuing to trust us with the health of their calves and the bottom line of their operations!











“At Trans Ova Genetics, we place extremely high expectations on ourselves in order to create and deliver seed stock for the industry.  We know that high quality management systems are essential to afford calves the greatest opportunity to thrive and demonstrate their full genetic potential. As part of our calf management protocols, we have been using Saskatoon Colostrum's Colostrum Replacer for 9 years with complete satisfaction by achieving consistently high rates of Successful Passive Transfer in newborns.  Our colostrum feeding protocol helps us achieve the results our clients expect.”

Dr. David Faber, President
Trans Ova Genetics
Sioux Center, Iowa, USA



“Three years ago we were having problems with mycoplasma in our herd. Not wanting to transfer mycoplasma from the cows to the calves, we switched to feeding a colostrum replacer. We have been very happy with the colostrum replacer from Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products. Our calves receive a consistent amount of immunoglobulins and transferring mycoplasma through the milk is no longer a worry. Calves receive one feeding of colostrum replacer at birth, which is then followed up with twice a day feeding of Cow’s Match milk replacer.”

Dennis Alvis Alvis
Dairy Manakin
Sabot, Virginia, USA




"It is imperative at Horn Livestock to create and deliver healthy newborn calves with the growing demand we have for show steers and bulls. The expectation of our customer is higher than ever. So for the past five years, we start with Saskatoon Colostrum’s Colostrum Replacers to provide consistently high rates of successful passive transfer. We feel that if we can get a full replacer dose in them, our calves will have improved immunity against enteric and respiratory challenges to maximize that genetic potential.”

Brandon Horn
Horn Livestock
Anson, Texas, USA



“Some years ago we introduced new cows into our herd and we were concerned about diseases transmitted through colostrum like Johnes and Leukosis. We recently tested all our cows for Johne

s and have found that our incidence of disease in the herd is very low now. All our hired labor knows that every heifer calf gets only SCCL’s Colostrum Replacer. Calf mortality and morbidity rates are very low and we treat very few calves. We are very happy with the results and wouldn’t want to go back to blood testing each cow and all the labor that comes with handling and testing each bucket of colostrum. An investment in this Colostrum Replacer is a small price to pay for the insurance and the peace of mind it provides us in our valuable heifers.” 

Bill & Becky Gordon  
Robburgh Farms Inc.
Thedford, Ontario, Canada



"An excellent solution for our imported heifers."

“Our aim is to create a healthy and more productive herd that is able to reach their full potential. Colostrum management and feed quality are key in achieving this goal. We find that CCT fed calves are all healthy, have a better coat appearance and are brighter in their demeanour in comparison to those fed maternal colostrum.”

Jon Bult and Liz Murray
Collom Farm
England, UK





“If bagged within 6 hours we are fully confident the calf will progress and meet weight gains and be weaned at a good weight. With CCT we experience robust calves which maintain health in the fact that the calf unit takes calvings from both farms and is a very busy shed. This products gives us the confidence in maintaining overall calf health.”

George McMillan
Lynch Farmers
Scotland, UK



“At Rocky Mountain Holsteins, every calf receives Saskatoon Colostrum's Colostrum Replacer within two hours of birth and this antibody protection results in extremely healthy calves who grow rapidly and without disease complications - one of the best management practices anyone could adopt!”

Dr. David Chalack
Rocky Mountain Holsteins
Rocky View County, Alberta, Canada



"Highway 21 Feeders in addition to its Feeder operation, has a Cow/Calf operation which calved out 5,000 cows and heifers from March to April this past spring with great success. Part of the success can be attributed to the application of Saskatoon Colostrum's Colostrum Replacers to our protocol as recommended by Veterinary Agri-Health Services in Airdrie, Alberta. We use the products as a supplement to colostum on any calves that are assisted in birth to get them a headstart after the added stress of assisted birth on both cow and calf."

Mike Dygert
Highway 21 Feeders
Acme, Alberta, Canada





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