Only natural colostrum replacers provide newborns with the immunity, energy and other nutrients required within hours after birth.

Expect safe and effective natural bovine colostrum, high in immunity, high in colostral fat and free of disease causing organisms, in every package. Colostrum management plays a vital role in a successful operation and is often an overlooked opportunity where the returns will greatly outweigh the investment of time and capital.


Our colostrum replacers available in Canada hold CFIA Veterinary Biologics Regulatory approval for use as a total replacement for maternal colostrum in calves as an aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer.
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A strong herd or flock begins with top notch newborn care. LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement for Kid Goats and Lambs is formulated to protect newborns, setting them up to meet their full potential.
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